10 Best Weed Brands in Los Angeles 2023

July 24, 2023

We Carry the Best Weed Brands in LA and the San Fernando Valley!

Discover the ultimate cannabis destination for the best weed brands in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley! Green Earth Co. dispensaries proudly curate a collection of the best cannabis brands, offering an unrivaled selection that caters to everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, our shelves boast an impressive array of the best weed brands in California. We only carry top-tier products, sourced from the most reputable growers and producers in the industry. Green Earth Co. always carries the best cannabis brands in LA!

So without further adieu, here are the top ten best weed brands in LA:


stiiizy near me best weed brand in LA

If you’re looking for STIIIZY pre-rolls near you or STIIIZY delivery near you, you’re not alone! “Where can I buy STIIIZY” is a popular search on Google because this brand is one of the most coveted in California. 

STIIIZY is known as an innovative, award-winning, California-based cannabis brand. Founded in 2017 as a pioneering vape company, STIIIZY has evolved into so much more. Today, STIIIZY has become one of the world’s most treasured cannabis brands known for flavorful, effective, user-friendly weed products including their proprietary vapes & strain-specific pods, pre-rolls, blunts, and live rosin.  Always innovating, always inspiring, always influencing: that’s STIIIZY. 

Green Earth Collective offers STIIIZY delivery! In fact, you can order any weed brand from our Highland Park dispensary menu for curbside pickup or at-home delivery.

If you’re wondering where can I find Stiiizy near me now? Look no further!


canndescent best weed brand in LA

Established in 2015, Canndescent stands as one of the most esteemed flower brands in California and is the #1 supplier of cannabis pre-rolls. Canndescent has taken the lead in pioneering various innovations within the weed industry. This includes transforming traditional strain names into descriptions of effects to make it easier for consumers. Choose from Calm, Cruise, Charge,  Create, or Connect! Canndescent is also an environmental innovator– they own and operate the first commercial-scale solar-powered cannabis cultivation system.

Heavy Hitters

heavy hitters vapes weed brand in LA

A heritage built on purity, strength, and dedication! Heavy Hitters has been a Los Angeles family-owned and operated business since 1996. Their commitment to exceptional extracts is strong and unwavering. Heavy Hitters is the preferred choice among California canna-sseurs, because they ensure consistent, unadulterated & potent quality above all else. 

Wondering where to buy Heavy Hitters? Visit Green Earth Collective! We have two locations in Highland Park/Eagle Rock and Granada Hills that carry Heavy Hitters drinks, pre-rolls, gummies, disposable vapes, and strain-specific vape carts. Find Heavy Hitters near me:

Kiva Confections

kiva chocolates and gummies best weed brand in LA

Kiva Confections meticulously blends high-quality ingredients with California cannabis to craft their products. Since their inception in 2010, Kiva’s aim has been to redefine the standard for cannabis confections. By employing both art and science to guarantee a delightful experience with every bite, they remain dedicated to fulfilling that objective today. 

Kiva creates a wide variety of innovative cannabis-infused treats, such as Camino gummies, Lost Farm live resin chews, rich chocolate bars, tasty Terra Bites,  even infused turkey gravy!

Where to buy Kiva:


jeeters best weed brand in LA

The world’s #1 pre-roll, Jeeter began in Miami around 2007. What’s now the name of a legendary weed brand was once just the slang of a close-knit circle of friends who affectionately referred to their rolled joints as “jeeters.” Today, while Jeeter continues to dominate the pre-roll industry, their team remains diligently focused on introducing new top-ranking products like infused pre-rolls, liquid diamonds, and live rosin vapes. Their pursuit is one of constant improvement, and they maintain their commitment to innovation in both product development and community involvement.

Lowell Herb Co.

lowell prerolls best weed brands in LA

Lowell cultivates their cannabis with dedication and integrity. Each of Lowell’s products is meticulously crafted, bearing in mind the utmost respect for the cannabis plant, the environment, and you! Lowell Herb Co. takes pride in their commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring the clean production of premium pre-rolls containing all-natural weed strains.

Explore California with California-grown cannabis! Let Lowell be your guide– whether you seek inspiration, social connection, or a chance to unplug and connect with the world around you, their pure & potent pre-rolls, flower, bubble hash, and edibles can get you there.


cannabiotix flower best weed brands in LA

Cannabiotix is a boutique cannabis enterprise situated in California and Nevada. It was established by two seasoned cultivators who embarked on a mission to create and nurture the most exceptional genetics within today’s cannabis industry– and succeeded!
Cannabiotix cultivates pure and potent weed through the utilization of sustainable farming practices along with cutting-edge advancements in science and technology. The CBX line of flower, concentrates, carts, and pre-rolls are made with top-tier, award-winning Cannabiotix cannabis flower that’s always clean and free from PGR (Plant Growth Regulators). Check out one of the best weed brands in Los Angeles:


plugplay best weed brands in LA

Known for their cutting-edge vape cartridges and elegant hardware, PLUGPlay provides cannabis enthusiasts with an effortless and user-friendly experience. Every PLUGPlay cartridge is carefully crafted, featuring premium distillate and a diverse array of natural terpenes that guarantee a robust and genuine flavor profile. 

Whether you are a seasoned expert or new to cannabis vapes, PLUGPlay makes it so easy. All you need is a Play battery. Then choose your PLUG strain pod, plug it in, and play! PLUGPlay’s easy vape system will elevate your cannabis journey to new heights.


wyld best weed brands in LA

Drawing inspiration from the untamed beauty of the Pacific Northwest, WYLD meticulously curates its products, embracing a profound respect for organic, regionally acquired ingredients. WYLD sets a new standard for cannabis-infused edibles, offering a range of delicious gummies teeming with genuine fruit flavors like Pear, Huckleberry, Peach, and Pomegranate. 

Immerse your senses and embark on a journey into the wilderness with these incomparable THC treats. With WYLD, you can also personalize your effects with a mouthwatering variety of cannabinoid ratio gummies that include CBD, CBG, and CBN.

Where can I buy WYLD gummies?


kanha best weed brands in LA

Infused with the vibrant spirit of Southern California, Kanha injects a dose of creativity and positivity into the cannabis industry. Celebrated for their precision-crafted weed edibles, every Kanha gummy is a bite-sized indulgence. Kanha’s gourmet gummies are an array of delightful flavors and precisely measured doses of cannabinoids including THC, CBD, and CBN. 

Kanha is also one of the only cannabis brands that offers vegan gummies,  guaranteeing a reliable and enjoyable experience for every consumer. Here is where to find one of the best weed brands in Los Angeles:

Where to Buy the Best Weed Brands in LA

Wondering where to buy STIIIZY, Jeeter, WYLD, Canndescent, PlugPlay, or Heavy Hitters near you? Green Earth Collective has all of the best weed brands in Los Angeles! 

Whether you’re looking for top-tier flower strains, tasty edibles, potent concentrates, pack & go pre-rolls and vape carts, or any other premium weed product, Green Earth Collective has what you need. Our bright, inviting dispensaries in Highland Park/Eagle Rock and Granada Hills carry brands like STIIIZY, Kiva Confections, Lowell Herb Company, Kanha and dozens of others! 

Visit Green Earth Collective today to find the perfect product for you from one of the best weed brands in LA, or order ahead from our Highland Park/Eagle Rock or Granada Hills dispensary for in-store or curbside pickup (Highland Park/Eagle Rock also delivers)!

Find the best cannabis brands in LA!