Green Earth Now Serves Pasadena Customers

January 24, 2022

Farm to store never looked so good on you Pasadena! We at Green Earth are happy to announce the availability of our amazing lineup to you. From fresh organic outdoor to the latest techniques in organic indoor, our flower experts got what you need no matter what type of smoker you are. Full spectrum organics provide clean and fragrant products ranging from raw flower, up to fancy pants pre-rolls.

Are you a member of the 710 club? No worries, we got you covered there with the latest waxes, crumbles and other extracts. Finely separated the organic way too, our extracts and concentrates will medicate you properly with a clean smoke. Fresh brands like CBX, Raw Garden and Lift Tickets means our passion for high quality, organic flower is passed on to concentrates and extracts- even down to pens and cartridges.

Not a smoker? No problem. We can fix you up with edibles, drinks or even topicals like facial creams or pain ointments. Green Earth Collective is a true believer in holistic medicine and our alternative medication selection reflects that along with our reputation for staying well within the organic area of high end production for flower and concentrates. We welcome you, Pasadena, to come in and look around for your favorite method of delivery and discover what fresh, clean products taste and feel like. To feel what organic, clean, green earth produced alternative medicine does differently.

We supply everything in our shop for anyone looking for proper medication in any delivery method. One of the few shops who carry flower, extracts, edibles AND drinks, you will easily find our variety second to none.
Before you decide to come visit us, we remind you to bring a mask for COVID-19 safety as well as to sign up for our newsletter for an exclusive 10% discount on your first order from us. We also support curb-side pick up and we may offer delivery to Pasadena in the future. For store hours and locations, please click here to view our locations pages.