10 Cannabis Resolutions for 2022

December 31, 2021

Creating cannabis-focused resolutions can be a great way to shake up your general outlooks and welcome in the New Year! For the overwhelming majority of you, cannabis is already a big part of your life, both in terms of self-care and recreation but did you know that creating cannabis resolutions can help improve your overall experience? 

Creating mindful resolutions can further enhance your overall relationship with marijuana and even nudge your cannabis use into a healthier realm. We hope it will encourage you to further explore what else is available in the world of THC and CBD- and that is exciting! 

In an effort to support you in focusing on your cannabis goals, we have created a list of our top 10 cannabis resolutions for the upcoming year.

1. Commit to exploring your creativity while high

Cannabis has long been hailed as a sort of muse for creativity. Many of the most creative minds have long used the herb to update their perspectives and spark their imagination. Some of these innovating experimenters include Steve Jobs, Maya Angelou, and Carl Sagan so you would definitely be in good company! 

Still not convinced? What if we told you there is actually empirical evidence that demonstrates that cannabis may in fact contribute to unleashing creative genius. Part of the reason is that cannabis boosts blood flow to the brain’s frontal lobe, which is the part of the brain associated with creativity.  So get out those painting supplies, an old typewriter, or camera and settle in for some serious creative time in 2022.

2. Use tobacco alternatives in your spliffs

It’s not news that Tobacco products cause a whole host of health-related issues. What you may not realize is that tobacco products actually contain about 8,000 potentially harmful chemical constituents and nicotine is extremely addiction-habit forming.

If it is common practice for you to roll spliffs (half tobacco, half marijuana joints), then 2022 could be your big chance to change this harmful habit. The good news is that there are a bunch of non-toxic alternatives including lavender, rosemary, sage, and chamomile – all things you can probably find in your home or garden. 

These can contribute to the aromatic profile and elevate the terpene content. Simply harvest the flowers, dry them in the sun, grind, add to your spliff, and presto, you’ve crafted an artisanal, nicotine-free smoking experience.

3. Integrate cannabis into your wellness routine

Cannabis has grown to become an essential part of a well-rounded wellness routine. In essence, wellness embodies principles such as self-care, self-healing, and the pursuit of an optimal state of health and well-being. 

Modern marijuana users depend on the herb to ease stress, relieve tension, promote sleep, improve focus, elevate intimacy, and enjoy social gatherings. Work to identify scenarios in your life that may be improved by the use of cannabis and see what is available to alleviate those stressors the next time you are at the dispensary. Remember that your budtenders are experts in finding great solutions for physical or mental blocks and issues.

4. Eat healthier munchies

Cannabis goes hand-in-hand with food. The unique effects of the plant on the body’s endocannabinoid system (ESC) mean that weed can help stimulate appetite, leading to a serious case of munchies. An edible or toke on a joint often sees most of us reaching for a deeply satisfying snack. Unfortunately, these items usually include such salt, carb, and fat-dense foods such as pizza, burgers, or a sleeve of cookies. 

We recommend considering taking this opportunity to cleanse your pantry of hyper-processed foods and replacing them with more nutritious alternatives such as nut butter, trail mix, avocados, smoothies, hummus with veggies, and other satisfying yet nutritious alternatives.

5. Work out with cannabis

To complement the healthier eating, for 2022, we think it’s a great idea to incorporate cannabis into your workout regimen- be it the current one you’re on, or one you are starting in 2022. While at first, it may sound counterintuitive, training and working out while high on THC can be a game-changing experience. Athletes who regularly go running under the influence of marijuana report enhanced bodily awareness. This benefit goes the same for a lot of other sportive activities including yoga, resistance training, and martial arts. 

If being high and working out doesn’t sound like something that interests you, experimenting with CBD is also an option that may improve your workout experience. This non-intoxicating alternative has also been linked to enhanced workouts. There is evidence that CBD may actually ease inflammation, accelerate recovery, and help with pre-workout nerves and anxiety, helping you to ward off negative feelings about working out.

6. Keep your cannabis equipment clean

Not everyone realizes the consequences of dirty, neglected bongs, pipes, and dab rigs. Build-up from consecutive smoking sessions accumulates over time, affecting your equipment and potentially your health. Inhaling from a pipe lined with black gunk is never a great experience. 

Worse, this residue can increase your exposure to certain carcinogens, detrimentally affect your cannabis flavor, or even catch fire. It is essential that you learn how to clean your equipment, and commit to regular cleaning sessions in 2022 (about once a week is recommended). Alternatively, if your current equipment is beyond being savable, consider purchasing a new set of bongs or pipes!

7. Learn to make healthy edibles

Learning to make healthy edibles is a great goal for the upcoming year. Even if you currently make your own edibles, you may want to increase the nutrients and reduce the fat, carbs, and calories. If you are new to cooking with cannabis, you may as well start off on the right foot. 

There are a never-ending number of recipes available that can help you to create better-for-you brownies, cookies, mousses, and cheesecakes. Overwhelmingly, the recipes can be utilized with an infused oil replacement to keep your dose constant, but improve the quality of the food you’re consuming. 

Best of all, Plant-based whole foods are often rich in sources of healthier monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Fats are an essential component of edibles, as they help to enhance the bioavailability of cannabinoids, boosting their efficacy. A short search on google for these recipes is a great way to start. 

8. Try new strains

Many people go to the dispensary having a clear idea of what they want to buy. With the fast pace of our lives, it can feel like a chore to slow down and listen to budtenders raving about their new favorite strains. 

Making a resolution to make a little more time in your day to catch up on the latest strains and cannabis trends could be worth the inconvenience. We all sometimes become set in our ways, but trying new strains of weed can be enriching and lead to an improvement in your lifestyle. Make a promise to yourself to try at least one new strains a month and you may just find that you have a new favorite each time.

9. Consider smoking more vapes

It is actually pretty common for weed smokers to switch from smoking to vaping- at least partially. Whether the reasons are to preserve your stash, out of caution for your lungs, or just not wanting to smell marijuana, there are so many vape products on the market that can help make the switch as smooth and seamless as possible.

Before making the switch, take some time to do your research on both. Learn as much as you can, including what vaping is and what offerings are out there. You’ll have to decide some things including if want to vape dry herbs or oils or vape from a portable device or a desktop version. Any time you can give your lungs a break by vaping instead of smoking is a great way toward achieving your optimal health.

10. Schedule regular cannabis tolerance breaks

While there is nothing wrong with smoking regularly, you may find that taking small breaks from marijuana may increase your overall enjoyment. We suggest planning about a couple of days to a week and a half a season to take a small hiatus from ingesting any THC products. (note we think CBD is totally ok to consume if you really need it for pain relief). 

Just make sure that the T-Breaks fits into your lifestyle. Make sure you are intentional and realistic with your goals so you don’t end up quitting halfway through. As an example, if you haven’t taken more than a day off from consuming marijuana in years, maybe a week-long break is more realistic than a month-long one. We suggest starting with a few days you can work your way up from there at your own pace. When you come back to smoking, eating, or vaping your weed, your highs should be a lot more enriching and pleasurable.