Mothers Day Gift Guide

May 5, 2021

Gift giving can be stressful. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably attempting to stand out by topping the gift you gave last year or, at the very least, just wanting to find something she can actually USE and won’t just end up in the bottom of a junk drawer. 

Weed legalization has created a space for more and more mothers to explore cannabis as an option for relaxation and healing. To help in this, we have compiled a list of 10 Cannabis-related products that can either help your mother ease into its exploration or expand upon her experience.

1. Mary’s Medicinals | Transdermal Gel Pen: CBD – 100mg

For the mother on the go, these Transdermal Gel Pen are some of the fastest-acting, and most accurately dosed cannabis products available. These applicators are available in CBD, CBN, Indica and Sativa formulations so no matter what your mom is into, she will be able to easily dispense effective pain relief or relaxation from anywhere! Best of all, benefits can usually be felt within 15 minutes and can last up to 12 hours!

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2. High Society Collection’s Brass Eye Bun Pin

If your mother has a lot of hair, this may be the perfect dual-purpose gift! High Society’s brilliant Brass Eye Bun Pin is a modern, minimalist twist on an evil eye and doubles as an elegant joint holder. Better yet, all the pieces are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. 

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3. Kiva | Bar: Dark Chocolate Blackberry – 100mg

Take a mother’s day classic to the next level with Kiva’s decadent line of Cannabis-Infused Chocolate bars! These indulgent delights offer a wide variety of flavors including Blackberry, Toffee, Mint and Espresso. 

Made with sustainably sourced cacao and fresh ingredients, these decadent chocolates are made with all natural flavors and pure cold water hash for a richer, fuller cannabis experience. 

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4. GoldLeaf Cannabis Journal

These cannabis notebooks are approachable, science-forward, and a perfect complement to Mom’s passion. Made with environmentally friendly materials, Goldleaf sells beautiful templated and educational notebooks for cannabis patients, growers, and enthusiasts.

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5. Breez Cannabis Mints

Breez line of mint and other discreet cannabis products are perfectly portioned to relieve stress and support recovery post-workout or post-workday. Available in multiple cannabinoid formulations, these small but mighty doses deliver the full therapeutic benefits of cannabis with a balanced blend of CBD and THC

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6. Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs

Give you mom a reprieve from a stressful day with these Kush Queen CBD bath Bombs. Nothing is better at eliminating stress than a good, hot bath and these CBD bath bombs will help take her experience to the next level.  Kush Queens CBD Bath Bombs are made with 100 percent organic essential oil blends, lab-tested C02 cannabis oil, and CBD isolate. Even better, each bomb is created with “the Entourage Effect” in mind. The Entourage Effect occurs when you combine cannabinoids with terpenes/essential oils. Each of their extensive blends are more than scents, they are all unique experiences. 

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7. Edibles by Stephanie Hua

Rated one of Forbes’ Top Cannabis Cookbooks, this is perfect for anyone looking to make low-dose, bite-sized sweet and savory cannabis treats from home. Full of unique recipes, complete with dosage details and the science of cannabis, this book will help mom take her baking and cannabis exploration to the next level!

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8. Tanjun Pipe by Laundry Day

Laundry Day is known for their exceptionally beautiful, minimal and artistic glasswork pipes that double as home decor. This geometric pipe is as smooth-hitting as it is aesthetically pleasing and is available in an array of inspiring colors. For the mother who prefers flowers over edibles, tinctures and vapes, this will undoubtedly become her new favorite way to smoke.

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9. Green Earth Co. Pre-rolls

Nothing beats the convenience of pre-rolls and Green Earth makes it even easier for your mom to explore different strain! Not only are there a wide-variety of Indica, Sativa and CBD formulations, the tins carrying each selection will provide your mother with everything she needs to know about each including their benefits, taste profile and percentage of THC and CBD. We recommend getting 5+ strains to provide her with a wide-array of options. 

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10. Midnight Toker Perfume By Heretic

Perfume might sound like another Mother’s day cliche, until you realize that its infused with CBD! Formulated to be unisex, this intoxicating (and healing) scent is a relaxing amber-like scent with the base being sandal wood, vanilla, styrax, hibiscus seeds, orris root, patchouli, and cannabis.

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