The Causes We Bring To Pasadena

We are a passionate community dedicated to the preservation and beautification of our green Earth, Pasadena. That’s one reason why we called ourselves Green Earth Collective. We knew that if we were going to cultivate from the land, we needed to give back. Today, we pride ourselves not just on our clean up efforts, but also our outreach causes we love.

Sure, anyone can name themselves after our planet, but who else in our industry is really putting their money where their mouth is? You don’t have to investigate, Pasadena. Our brand is compassion. Compassion not just for our planet, but for you, it’s people. Not only were we environmentally conscious when we put ourselves together, we also knew how troubled our human race has become and felt it deep within that we needed to help. 

From our homeless outreach to our toy drive, we strive to help as many in need as we can. Our solace only comes from the smiles and portraits we keep in our hearts of the people we make a difference for, against a backdrop of knowing what we do can never be enough. The lit up faces of children during Christmas when we hand out toys, the grateful smiles of cold men and women sitting down for a hot meal during Thanksgiving- these are the memories we keep. The bittersweet notions that we make a difference in lives, even if only a few.

We bring this passion to you, Pasadena. Not just high-quality, organic products. But an entire community dedicated to charity, to clean environments and to helping out our fellow man. This is what we are made of. This is why you love us.

Now serving Pasadena, Green Earth Collective invites you to glimpse the difference of what true compassion brings to the table, not just for you, but for your community. Let us know how we can help you out locally in Pasadena, by dropping us a line at We’d love to hear how we can help out your community too!

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